Installing OpenCV: The Saga


I’ve started setting up OpenCV on a Raspberry Pi (RPI) for my degree show work! It’s not simple, but is the premiere open source computer vision package out there. I want it to be on a RPI because the smaller the computer, the better. Because it’s quite complex and information is disparate I thought I would write up my experience. It’s not a tutorial as such, but will hopefully help people know what is involved.

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Art + CV

I’m working on a new collaborative work with Cred Roy. This is an installation that looks back at people! A video will be shown which changes the longer you look at it for. If I get time I also want to include motors which spin fast the longer you look (not to control anything, just for the whirring noise they make). Below you can see an initial test. It’s a bit hard to see because of the screen contrast but the video gets more red the longer the camera recognises my face, and when I remove my face from its view it goes back to normal.


Face Tracking Robot

20160817_121258Here is the face tracking robot I have been making over the summer. It still needs some work, but having started university again I won’t have a lot of time. It mostly works, however, so  I thought I would write up a post on it now! Click to read more.

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